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for DTC Brands

Maximize sales, traffic & social reach with your super creators.
Reward your users with performance based rewards when they give you a shoutout on social platforms.

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What makes Jelly

Customers over influencers

Turn your customers into social influencers with performance based social rewards.

Upto 10x Better ROI

Unlock authentic UGC marketing for better social reach, engagement, traffic, sales and brand love.

Autopilot UGC Management

Set rules, monitor social word of mouth and reward super creators as per performance.

Manage your UGC, your way

Generate Authentic UGC

Seamlessly generate and manage content rights with automated reward workflows.

Manage Automagic Social Rewards

Set social rewards rules as per your budget and expected results.

Track Social Word of Mouth

Monitor your organic mentions, reach, engagement and conversion at one place.

Drive Powerful ROI with Powerful UGC

Amplify UGC impact with sponsored ads from creator accounts. (Coming Soon)

What people are

We have a seamless UGC content flow because we use Jelly.
CEO @limeseconnect
You can set social rewards as per your requirement that works best for you thanks to it.
CMO @Snitch
We increased our creator UGC campaign ROI by 5x with Jelly Social rewards
Sumit Jasoria
CEO @NewMe



We wish we could give you a number at this point, but that number will completely depend
on your brand and its objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Brand Questions
What is Jelly?

Jelly is an automated UGC marketing tool which allows you to generate UGC with social rewards automagically.

Where does Jelly appear on a brand’s website?

Our Shopify plugin appears on product page and thank you page for continuous onboarding of your super creators. While, you can also invite creators via E-mail, SMS and Whatsapp

How much does Jelly cost?

We wish we could give you a number at this point, but that number will completely depend on your brand and its objectives. Please book a call with our UGC specialist team for more info.

Can I use the Jelly posts for marketing?

Yes! You get the usage rights to the shoppers’ content generated throughJelly. We take UGC rights while processing rewards.

How does it work?

Creators seamlessly join your exclusive community via special invite or when they purchase from your brands. Creators can simply post and earn rewards as per their post performance without any negotiation.

How to get going/start out with Jelly?

You can schedule a 15 minute onboarding call with our UGC specialist team. We integrate with your Shopify store in less than 5 minutes.

Can brands set their own Post Guidelines?

Yes! You can easily set your guidelines and rewards structure as per your requirement. We processed rewards when your criteria as met by the creators.

If I don't use Shopify, can I offer Jelly discounts?

Currently, Jelly is only Shopify-enabled. But with your support, we are actively working towards integrating all other platforms.

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